Quantamentals: Bridging from Financial Services to Big Data

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When we add in the use of data sets and “quantamental” techniques that are increasingly important to remain competitive while investing in single-name equities, …

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Fintech Practitioner Conversations Guest Stephane Dubois Founder and CEO of Xignite

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Unbundling C++ Quant Libraries on Amazon Web Services

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Unbundling Large Quant Libraries into the Compute Fabric of Amazon Web Services I want to test some QuantLib https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/QuantLib functions today. I did some …

Crunching Numbers in the Cloud with Spot Instances

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What Would Sun-Tsu Have to Say About Cloud Computing for Financial Markets? When it comes to batch processing in the data center, no matter …

Developing AWS Lambda Functions for Analyzing Market Data

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[I wrote this in 2015 as we worked with a hedge fund to leverage Lambda and Kinesis to calculate real-time vwap for a set …