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Standard Support

We offer basic support during our standard business hours for our AWS Marketplace offerings which include our AMIs, Web Services, Data Services, Quant Functions.

In addition to standard level support we also offer premium support.

Premium Support

Premium subscription options for our Amazon Machine Images, DataSpigot, Quant Functions, and Data services include detailed performance metrics, custom application development, architecture review, and dedicated account managers and technical account support.

Managed Services

Focus on your business objectives, not wrangling with infrastructure and accounts. We offer managed AWS accounts and services, such as our managed developer sandbox accounts, machine learning clusters, and risk processing managed accounts.

Cost Savings

As an added benefit of our premium managed services offering, we identify and recommend cost savings measure. For compute intensive workloads we’ve realize savings well in excess of 90% per month.

Custom Managed Services

For a monthly minimum of the greater of 15% of your AWS spend or $3500.00 we will develop a custom managed services and support plan for your AWS solution.