As a “born in the cloud” consulting and software firm we offer enterprise experience built on early success with blue-chip Fortune 500 financial firms.

Financial Services Focus


Founder, Brian McCallion. Mr. McCallion founded Bronze Drum and named the company for the a phrase he heard in a dream after reading Sun-Tzu’s Art of War in a retreat in the far east. Achievements include identifying the need for DevOps Automation early and creating solutions that meet the exacting requirements of blue-chip financial firms.

  • Mr. McCallion designed, wrote, and lead the DevOps and Continuous deployment process at Broadridge Financial Solutions in 2005, long before the word “DevOps” was one of the hottest buzz-words in technology.
  • Today both Broadridge and Automatic Data Processing use the solution Mr. McCallion wrote in 2005, speaking to the simplicity and efficiency of Mr. McCallion’s designs.
  • His background in programming and infrastructure and performance analysis made him the clear choice to lead large financial firm Cloud Strategy and Proof of Concepts.
  • Hundreds of million dollars in revenue from Mr. McCallion’s production financial services applications running on Amazon Web Services speak for themselves.

Mr. Nissim Karpenstein. Our Director of Applications,  has 15 years hedge fund and investment banking experience as a developer, product engineer, and technology director. Prior to joining Bronze Drum Nissim worked as Technology Director at Hudson Bay Capital.

  • Developed large scale risk analysis systems leveraging AWS Elastic Map Reduce
  • Migrated the entire company from lower Manhattan to mid-town with zero downtime.
  • Developed the firms proprietary risk visualization tool that substantially improves new customer wins through clear communication of risk management and strategic trading.


Senior Quant Developer, Claudio Torres leads our quantitative and derivatives application practice. Claudio advises Bronze Drum’s Carbon09 team as they build the marketplace most likely to forever change how quantitative finance application are built and run.


Few firms can deliver our depth in Amazon Web Services, Proven and Tested Fortune 500 Solutions, and Financial Services experience.

We’ve solved what are common challenges unique to financial services firms several times and in different ways.

T-Shaped Specialists Required

Amazon Web Services released over 500 new features in 2014. And each time a key new capability is released we evaluate how we can apply it effectively to assist customers like you.

It’s a Journey

Every year we’ve been able to deliver faster and more efficient solutions to our customers and to continue to work with them to optimize their Cloud applications and infrastructure.

Beyond our understanding of how financial firms like your “do things” today, we know how to migrate, design, and build solutions on AWS that will enable you to Forklift, Optimize, and Rearchitect key applications on AWS. Our experience with enterprise application servers, databases, infrastructure, hedge fund risk systems, trading systems, and financial enables us to uniquely serve customers in our focus areas: financial services.

Culture Change Required for Cloud is Real

Unlike buying a new type of storage or moving infrastructure to a co-location facility, Cloud requires changes in how you and your team think about infrastructure. Today You and your team are busy with day-to-day planning, work, and activity. You engage because we’ve successfully tackled the on-boarding, cloud infrastructure, storage,  elasticity, and migration questions you are working on. Establishing a baseline infrastructure is critical. Yet how do you find the time to get started? Where to begin.

To help you get going, and to “unbundle” the work involved we suggest beginning with a series of weekly facilitated sessions. During these sessions you and your team will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss where you want to go, describe the applications and infrastructure you want to build, and help us understand your infrastructure.

While there’s a hierarchy of needs, we find that a degree of automation is a baseline requirement for Cloud. Firms like yours benefit greatly by working with us to figure out where to begin, optimize, and master operations in the Cloud.

Let’s Get Started

We don’t know any better way for you to experience what they’ve experienced than to work with us, so Let’s Get Started

cystal_vector_webFintech Services

Mentor / Train / Workshop

  • Data Security and Compliance for Financial Services Cloud Applications
  • Leveraging AWS Lambda for security, loose coupling, rapid development, high performance, low cost compute
  • Risk. Running portfolio risk analysis on Amazon Web Services
  • How to  Design data ingestion, transformation, and lifecycle across multiple data stores multiple data stores
  • How to schedule jobs across multiple regions, data sources, data center and cloud
  • How to design and build workflow applications, store and process data efficiently. Applications include ,
  • Predictive analytics in the organization. What are high impact simple uses cases?
  • Data visualization / exploration.

Hybrid Cloud Services Adoption / Substitution

HiRes_1Enterprise Applications

Today even mid-market firms soon find the competition demands global access to documents, secure simple access to desktops from a phone, tablet, or laptop. Yet how can you manage the security and provisioning of such services without bringing the organization to a crawl?

These solutions address these critical concerns to enable you to do business and align your workforce productivity applications with the work and media most productive to your team.

hunting_vectors_webAgile Infrastructure

Through a combination of tailored workshops and focused short term projects we develop the blue print and detailed solution for:

DevOps Strategy Workshop

  • DevOps: Get it Done! Workshop
  • DevOps: How do we Automate WebLogic and WebSphere
  • DevOps: How do we manage session state for enterprise applications?

Onboarding to AWS

  • Foundation for security, separation of duties, and cost savings, and low friction
  • Planning for Migration

Operating on AWS

  • Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, Penetration Testing
  • Audit
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Storage
  • DNS
  • Single-Sign On / Federated Identity
    Directory Services


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