Carbon09 Quant Functions

Carbon09 augments and optimizes FOSS (Free Open Source Software) Quant Libraries, like QuantLib to enable developers to quickly develop, test and execute using the Carbon09 Quant Distribution. 

Today you can use our AMI as the building block for your applications, saving enormous amounts of time and money. Going forward, our Carbon09 Quant Function Marketplace will change the way quantitative finance developers build and run applications.

Carbon09 Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Carbon09 runs blazing fast on AWS C4 and GPU 2 instance types. This media enables developers to quickly spin-up instances and begin developing on AWS.


High performance AMI for development, spot, and large scale clusters. Carbon09 optimizes for native Intel and Nvidia capabilities.

As your firm migrates quantitative processing to the Cloud, decomposing legacy C++ code poses a challenge to migration.

Carbon09 Quant Functions enable your team to begin decomposing complex applications into loosely coupled, microservice architecture. Our function run as AWS Lambda functions and accelerate this important workload and architecture migration.


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