IoT Practice

As a leading firm in strategic product and service design, our IoT practice focuses on creating real-time, mobile, and connected business revenue for firms in the financial services industry. Today, right now, we create and deliver next generation products that transform businesses like yours, and build the solutions on AWS.
Industry Focus: Financial Services including Fine Arts, Financial Advisor, Retail and I-Banking, Insurance

Amazon Alexa Professional Services

  • High Output / High Quality

    Automated processes direct your development dollars to features users value.

  • Personalized / Personable

    Patent pending algorithm enables users to personalize the experience

  • Well Connected / Well Integrated

    We specialize in integrating systems, and creating APIs that maximize developer productivity

  • Security

    We leverage strong encryption key management and secret management to keep private information private.

“10 by 10x” Performance and Business Results


Strategic Consulting


Amazon Alexa Skills for Financial Markets
Mobile application design, development, management
AWS Lambda Services
AWS API Gateway Kinesis Proxy
Data Latency Transformation
Rules, Workflow, and Event mapping
“Data Driven DevOps”
Rules, Workflow, and Event mapping
“Data Driven DevOps”
Production Quality Custom Applications
Dashboard, events, and decision context based information injection
C++ to Node.js transformation

“10 by 10x” Product and Revenue Opportunity Design Workshops
Product Strategy and New Product Design
Information Monetization
Mentor Lead Application and Solution Development
Technology Briefing Ideation workshops

Real-time Event and Anomaly Detection
Streaming Data Transformation
Data visualization
High Performance Computing
Cross-Domain Transfer Learning
Data Exploration and Visualization
Time to Insight, Time to Event
Detection Data stream mapping Signal analysis

How We Help Customers Like You

Case Studies

Our Amazon Alexa Skill Enables Tradier Account holders to hedge their portfolios by simply saying “Alexa, hedge my positions against downside risk.” The world is full of opportunities to build applications that simplify complex tasks, and act on information we already have.

Our experience in financial services means we understand your culture, your environment, and the forces shaping your business. We work with you to mentor, build, experiment, and drive revenue from new business applications. We help firms understand the cost basis of current applications, and to develop disruptive applications that drive revenue.

Financial markets and exchanges of all kinds have recognized the time and location value for information since pigeons delivered messages strapped to their legs. Yet how do firms embrace this mobile world? Where to begin, and how to gain the skills to create significant strategic and business value in this space? Many businesses lack the internal infrastructure to build IoT applications and are now migrating to Public Clouds to gain the services and infrastructure.