Financial Services Practice

How We Help Customers Like You

Services HighLights

  • Develop Innovative Solutions
  • Design hybrid DevOps solutions
  • Optimize applications for the Cloud
  • Acquire data and integrate with Cloud APIs

Our Services

Our customers require deep experience with AWS Security and Best Practices. In 2013, we worked with the AWS Product Teams to bring Transparent Data Encryption to RDS Oracle, We’ve contributed to the security options. We work with customers to understand how AWS maps to their requirements, and we insist on automation as a foundation for secure configuration and deployment.

  • Financial Services
  • Hedge Fund, Asset Management, Algo

Application Modernization

  • Real-Time Market data ingestion on AWS
  • Ready to run MatLab on AWS solution
  • Security and Governance are priority zero

Go Serverless!

  • Rapidly Scale
  • Event Driven applications
  • Microservices
  • High Availability
  • Real-time Analytics



    Application Services

    Amazon Alexa Skills for Financial Markets
    C++ Applications on AWS
    AWS C++ SDK
    AWS Lambda Services
    AWS API Gateway Kinesis Proxy


    Strategic Consulting

    Product Design
    Business Transformation
    Competitive Strategy



    Real-time Event and Anomaly Detection
    High Performance Cluster Design
    Streaming Data transformation
    Cloud Scale Data Architecture
    Real-time Client side pricing of instruments