Amazon WorkSpaces: What Lies Ahead and Beneath?

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On the surface, Amazon’s newly introduced Amazon WorkSpaces is Desktop as a Service. But it may represent a strategy that is actually much deeper than that, …

Developing AWS Lambda Functions for Analyzing Market Data

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[I wrote this in 2015 as we worked with a hedge fund to leverage Lambda and Kinesis to calculate real-time vwap for a set …

Networks Built on Milliseconds – WSJ

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Explosive Little Cloud Memo to a Customer in Financial Services

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Let me break it down and at the same time preserve the “gestalt” of what’s going on in cloud today. I’m leaving a lot …

The Network Effect of Market Data in the Cloud

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In April 2011 during my keynote presentation at Financial Technology Forums Wall Street Breakfast Briefing, I cited Xignite as a building block, or participant ...