Serverless Derivatives Pricing

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Discrete Hedging run (~18 seconds) Latent Models run Test FRA Construction run Multi-Dimensional Integrals run Add some content to your block grid item here. ...

Javascript Bond Pricing

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Bonds Fitted Bond Curve Callable Bonds Convertible Bonds

Javascript Swap Valuation

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Swap Valuation

Serverless Capital Markets Data Processing on AWS

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Back in the early 2000s I remember designing the process and writing the code to create a consolidated bond database for JP Morgan Chase’s …

.NET Lambda for Capital Markets: Acquiring and Processing Bloomberg Data for a Customer’s Greenfield Deep Learning Platform 

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The recent option to run .NET in an AWS Lambda functions enables Cloud Native architectures that embrace a microservices, cross-platform, decoupled, event driven fabric yet embrace legacy tools and services common to the Capital Markets Ecosystem.