Quantamentals: Bridging from Financial Services to Big Data

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When we add in the use of data sets and “quantamental” techniques that are increasingly important to remain competitive while investing in single-name equities, …

Fortune 500 Next Generation Content Platform

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Case Study: Fortune 500 Next Generation Content Management Platform By Brian McCallion     Summary This Fortune 500 firm required a stable, neutral, and flexible …

Assured Guaranty High Performance MatLab Risk Modeling on AWS

Brian McCallion Case Study, Financial Markets

Assured Guaranty insures municipal bonds against default and helps investors to mitigate risk and to provide liquidity to financial markets. In quantitative finance modeling …

JD Power Next Gen Auto Finance Analytics

Brian McCallion Case Study, Financial Markets

JD Power needed a global platform that could scale elastically to billions of rows, yet serve data with the low latency required to power …

Fidelity Life Associates Next Generation Platform

Brian McCallion Case Study, Financial Markets

Building on AWS Bronze Drum and Fidelity Life Associates enabled rapid provisioning of the application, storage, and high availability technology both in North America, and in other regions.

eClectic for Artivia

Brian McCallion Case Study, Internet of Things

Artivia, LLC began by building a simple application to manage the works. A prolific painter and sculptor the and ancestor of the family left …