Practice Areas


As a “born in the cloud” consulting and software firm we bring a high-octane combination of innovation, cloud native application savvy, and enterprise experience built on early success with blue-chip Fortune 500 and mid-market financial firms.

We work to onboard firms to Amazon Web Services, design end to end Machine Learning execution pipelines, analyze real-time data, and ingest, query, and visualize financial and alternative data sets. We design and develop Amazon Alexa applications for financial firms seeking a voice-driven interface to their trading platform. We enable seasoned investors to quickly design and deploy advanced technologies that create competitive advantage.


Core Team

Founder, Brian McCallion. Brian founded Bronze Drum and named the company for the a phrase he heard in a dream after reading Sun-Tzu’s Art of War in a retreat in the far east. Achievements include identifying the need for DevOps Automation early and creating solutions that meet the exacting requirements of blue-chip financial firms. Brian’s successful venture in 2007 built for financial services Java deployments, a simple, reliable solution used by Broadridge Financial Solutions to deploy hundreds of production workloads each week. Brian pioneered applications using AWS Lambda to analyze financial markets data. His Financial Technologies Forum Keynote in April 2011 identified Fintech start Xignite as part of a fundamental shift in the value of information. This insight in 2011 foretold the shift in value creation at the financial exchanges, as an important effect of how marketplaces value information. In keeping with this line of thought, Brian developed a core set of Quant functions, based on QuantLib, as a “seed” for an ecosystem of functions, an exchange where developers and firms can monetize their code, while subscribing to function they would prefer to consume than build.
As an enthusiastic reader of Peter Drucker’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Brian seeks the forces that drive innovation. One of the questions Bronze Drum Consulting asks is How Does Professional Services change in the Cloud? How is it that Cloud Computing has such a profound shift on how we write applications, consume compute and storage, and yet for the most part Professional services remains the same.

Bronze Drum seeks to reininvent professional services by partnering with firms and offering different pricepoints, mentor led engagements, and alternative value sharing models. For those who like professional services as they know them, yes, we do that too.

Mr. McCallion lead Cloud Strategy and Architecture for key McGraw-Hill initiatives including McGraw-Hill EZTest, S&, and Standard and Poor’s Ratings Request Online, solutions. Mr. McCallion’s work on Cloud Governance served as the catalyst for Gartner’s comprehensive research on this topic, What IT Leaders Need to Know About Cloud Application Services Governance


Mr. Claudio Torres, our Director of Applications, has 15 years hedge fund and investment banking experience as a developer, product engineer, and technology director. Mr. Torres has developed large scale risk analysis systems leveraging AWS Elastic Map Reduce and developed a hedge fund proprietary risk visualization tool that substantially improves new customer wins through clear communication of risk management and strategic trading.
Mr. Torres leads our quantitative and derivatives application practice. Mr. Torres wrote Nomura’s Dervivatives applications in the mid-nineteen nineties, and developed Prime Broker algorithms for Bank of America. Recently Mr. Torres created the real-time derivatives curve used by traders at BNY Mellon, and Credit Agricole.

David Secrest
Brings elite analytical credentials combined with deep experience developing applications and data solutions.
David’s doctoral work as a Princeton University National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow enabled David to apply his undergraduate physics knowledge to black holes. In our office, David holds the figural Hattori Hanzo sword of analytic and application development. If ever God should meet David while he’s analyzing customer data, or coding advanced capabilities for a customer, “God will be cut..”

David’s academic background as a doctoral student in Princeton University’s Particle Physics program provides early evidence of his passion for modeling, analysis, discovery, and science. At Bronze Drum David seeks to bring these skills to each and every customer. David and Brian met early on when Brian invited David to join his team working on a project for New York Life Associates. This collaboration led to office space on 11 Broadway, New York City’s Silicon Alley. David brings to the firm deep knowledge of mathematics and modeling, combined with a unique ability to speak simply about complex phenomena. David leads our quantitative modeling and deep learning practice.