Our Approach

Each service is built from Bronze Drum's Service Catalog of carefully curated solution blueprints. As a result you get a clear set of features and pricing. We've taken the best practices and cool capabilities we've delivered and created a ready made set of robust, elegant solutions. We can build and support these solutions, as well as customize them. Your team can extend these solutions, or we can do so.

Time to Market Onboarding


  • Core audit, security
  • Infrastructure built from supported reference architecture
  • CloudFormation Stack of environment
  • Cost Attribution Dashboard
  • VPC for Core, Development


  • Save months and get it right the first time
  • Cost attribution from the start
  • Recreate your infrastructure any where
  • Solid, self-documenting configuration
  • Best practices baked in
  • Flexible  -- Easily change and modify core infrastructure when and as needed


  • Policies for S3 buckets
  • AWS Inspector Policies
  • AWS Config Rules
  • Cross Account Roles
  • Governance controls Development, Core, Logging Accounts Identity Federation and Roles for Core account
  • VPN / Direct Connect

Serverless Data Lake Foundation Service

Get up and running on AWS with core capabilities and a robust foundation

Benefit from zero load time data warehouse and unprecedented cost structures. Building with serverless technology means focusing on creating competitive advantage.

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Serverless Data Warehouse


  • Catalog of all your data enables your organization to process, analyze and reduce time to insight.
  • Ingest data from existing data stores like SQL Server, RedShift, S3, file servers, sfp
  • Pay as little at $5.00 / TB of data queried and $0.02 per GB per month for data storage.
  • We'll assess and optionally migrate existing data to data lake, and automate this process
  • Serverless reporting and dashboards built on Amazon QuickSight
  • Scheduled data load and processing


  • Robust Policies for S3 buckets
    Automated data ingestion
  • Data Crawler and Classification
  • Amazon Macie AI Data Classification service
  • AWS Config Rules
  • Cross Account Roles
  • Governance controls Development, Core, Logging Accounts Identity Federation and Roles for Core account
  • VPN / Direct Connect
Serverless Market Data Integration for AWS


Unprecedented durability and availability.

  • Easy to configure, low to zero administration
  • Rather than silo your critical market data our approach is designed to store your data in the format required.


  • REST API or Web Interface
  • Individual Developer API Key to track usage
  • Security. You control encryption and keys and only you can see your data.
  • Scale from gigabytes to exabytes with our solution. We've designed our solution to be cost effective at any scale.
  • Ultra low operating cost
  • Reliable. Our Bronze Drum Data Spigot for Bloomberg Data License runs at an incredibly low operating cost, features rock solid availability, and scales in milliseconds to meet any level of demand.

How it works

  • Each portfolio is handled by a dedicated processor.
  • Late file retries are automatically rescheduled.
  • Each job is driven by the meta-data you provide, giving you great flexibility.
  • Prepares your data for query via our APIs, or by SQL, using traditional reporting tools.

Deep Learning Cluster

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Continuous Delivery Pipeline
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Bronze Drum’s Bloomberg Data License Integration

We’ve developed an integration with Bloomberg that our clients love. It’s a REST API that makes it easy to request data, and then incorporate the data into your widgets, applications, and models, when and as you need it.

Customers Build Faster with Bronze Drum’s “Cloud Spigot”™ integration for Bloomberg Data License™

  1. Fast
  2. Cost Efficient
  3. Simple
  4. Scalable

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