Serverless Derivatives Pricing

Our serverless derivatives pricing AWS Lambda and Docker Containers enable rapid scale-up, scale-down, and highly efficient batch prices. Consider the ability to shrink the window required to complete processing based on parameters you control. Schedule recurring workloads, as well as the market data required to power the calculations.

  1. We test your workload and our AI system “learns” the characteristics, but not the details of your workload, and recommends efficient compute resources.
  2. Our Continuous Insight Cluster leverages spot instance pricing on AWS, X1, P2 (and P3 coming soon!) instance types to enable you to run risk simulations, stress tests, back testing, and to control both the time and cost dimension.
  3. All the results of calculations stream to a central aggregation point where the results can be observed in real-time, and are stored and processed as part of
  4. An optional Data Lake solution we developed to enable you to view real-time dashboards and reports detailing the results of your risk pricing.
  5. Go Deep. Leverage the tools and visualization capabilities to further explore the results of your data processing.

Soon to be featured in AWS Marketplace, in minutes you can invoke Bronze Drum’s C9 series microservices as APIs, or run workloads on our batch cluster, or run workloads on a cluster we provision for you on demand.

Bronze Drum C9 Quant AMIs (Amazon Machine Images)

C9 Quant AMI -- Bronze Drum's distribution of MIT licensed Quantlib build optimized for AWS X1, P2, P3, C4 / C5 Compute optimized instance type, as well as GPU optimized. Quantlib is an open source risk and pricing library used by firms like BNY Mellon, and many others. Our distribution enables firms to quickly begin working with a familiar library optimized for AWS.

Bronze Drum C9 Quant Functions

As your firm migrates quantitative processing to the Cloud, decomposing legacy C++ code poses a challenge to migration.

Carbon09 Quant Functions enable your team to begin decomposing complex applications into loosely coupled, microservice architecture. Our function run as AWS Lambda functions and accelerate this important workload and architecture migration.

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      Serverless Derivatives Pricing by Bronze Drum Consulting

 Serverless Derivatives Pricing



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