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Engagement Model

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We’re a boutique firm. We’re consultants and we design solutions and strategies with our customers. We’re proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for select services we provide.
Our fees and our results reflect the value we create for our customers.
We can conduct focused, short term proof-of-concepts. As a specialized firm we can be agile, responsive, and serve a select group of customers.


How to Hire Us

We engage with customers as follows:

  1. Initial 30-45 minute initial call and consultation to assess fit and requirements.
  2. If you decide you’d like to work with us we ask for payment up-front to conduct either an assessment or workshop to define requirements.

Notes On Statement of Work

a) Customers accustomed to working on legacy IT projects are familiar with the Statement of Work. If you already have written a detailed statement we will review it. Otherwise please expect to pay for the work required to discover what’s required.

Agile Workshops

In our experience workshops, briefings, assessments, and strategy sessions help customers to understand their situation, develop a strategy, and socialize their cloud initiatives within the organization. We can help. These workshops schedule time and participants and results that keep your organization on track. The structure and flexibility of our paid workshops sets you up for success in the Cloud. Workshops move your organization from thinking about the Cloud in the abstract to defining concrete actions, and moving ahead.
3. Based on the workshop and or assessment, we’ll write a detailed roadmap based on our understanding of where you are today and what you require. We’ll work with you to update this roadmap as we complete significant work together.

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Since 2011 we’ve delivered significant Production financial markets solutions on Amazon Web Services–the kind that change top-line revenue.

 Ahead of the Curve

We live and breathe cloud and advise our customers where they need to be and what’s coming next:

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Fortune 500 Financial and Mid-Market Financial Focus

Cloud Governance and Data De-Identification

Our blue-prints and standard practices for architecting on AWS are based on real-world proven applications that demand the highest encryption, security, and infrastructure design

JD Power Next Generation Content Platform on AWS

Automation / Agile Enterprise

We did not  invent DevOps. We developed the end-to-end code deployment solution for a brokerage processing firm long before anyone heard of Puppet or Chef.


We’re recognized leaders in the Fintech space working today to enable financial firms to move quickly and securely to leverage AWS Compute and Web Services.

>>>Our recent posts on Fintech and AWS Lambda are featured on the AWS Blog

Consult with Us. We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for All Work

We know enterprise technology. We understand the challenges and the opportunities for enterprise on AWS. Customers who work with us are able to quickly evaluate how their applications and business applications can run in this vibrant new marketplace.

How we help customers like you succeed on Amazon Web Services

  1. A mid-market insurance CIO hired us to guide his team and on-board to Amazon Web Services to build a Next Generation Content Platform. Mr. McCallion is able to get the CIO into re:invent after the deadline, They spend three days together in Vegas attending sessions and defining the platform.
  2. A Market Data executive hires us to think out-of-the-box and design a solution to enable rapid customization, provisioning, and to foster a developer ecosystem around the data. We identify a new way to work with feeds in the cloud to serve new and existing customers.
  3. An information and media executive asked us to to define an automation solution for cloud and on premises, and lead the initiative. Our thorough knowledge of the Amazon Web Services platform enables us to put together a simple solution that saves months and millions.
  4. Fortune 500 firm hires us to transform the design of on-premises applications for high availability, growth, and scale on Amazon Web Services. Our enterprise technology background enables us to create an architecture that works for their applications.
  5. A hedge fund executive hires us to design a MatLab cluster on AWS, and to on-board the firm to the Cloud. We deliver a robust simple solution that creates significant new opportunities for his business.

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