Fidelity Life Associates Next Generation Platform

Brian McCallion Case Study, Financial Markets


Founded in 1896, Fidelity Life is one of the few companies in the industry that focuses on assisting everyday Middle Americans experience the peace-of-mind that comes with life insurance ownership.


As consumers shift their research and purchasing habits online, they increasingly prize choice, flexibility and convenience. To serve this growing population of users, Fidelity Life designed a “Next Generation Life Insurance Platform” to enable consumers to complete applications, yet maintain the option to purchase insurance from a number of different providers. This platform needed to be cost effective initially, and to be able to grow. However, the application sometimes slowed down inexplicably, causing concern it could scale to thousands of users. Further, millions of insurance applications needed to be maintained and analyzed.


As a result of load testing the application, Bronze Drum and the Fidelity Life Associates identified a bottleneck at the MongoDB layer. Further investigation determined that when large PDFs were retrieved from the data store, I/O was blocked until the object was served. Bronze Drum recommended moving the PDFs to Amazon S3 he PDFs stored in S3, the application could simply retrieve them from a url to the S3 object. As a result, the application no longer experienced random “freezes.” And requests per second increased by 11x. As a further benefit, with the team leveraged S3 versioning and encryption to further protect the information.


Time to Market

Building on AWS enabled rapid provisioning of the application, storage, and high availability technology both in North America, and in other regions. When systems required testing, rather than wait, or disrupt production, the team was able to simply create a new environment, run the tests, then tear it down. Architecture choices could be tested for cost and performance, and the best option selected. Without this flexibility to experiment, the platform would have taken three to four times as long to build.


AWS enables firms of all sizes to leverage Advanced Technologies at a cost that’s affordable. Bronze Drum guided the choice of services, developed proof-of-technologies, and worked with Fidelity Life’s application team to select and use inherently Elastic servives such as S3 to enable the application to scale seamlessly and cost effectively, while delivering consistent latency.

Cost Savings

Immediate and continuous cost savings resulted from using Amazon S3 storage to store content and raw data sets. Storing critical data on S3 enabled the firm to simplify operations, scale the application, and focus on a smaller application footprint.

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