JD Power Next Gen Auto Finance Analytics

Brian McCallion Case Study, Financial Markets


J.D. Power and Associates amplifies the voice of the consumer, and help brands improve the value of
their products and services. JD Power surveys hundreds of million of users delivers real-time data analysis globally, increasingly in Asia, and to an increasing number of mobile devices. JD Power customers include the worlds top global brands, and these business subscribe to JD Power research, services, and insights.


JD Power needed a global platform that could scale elastically to billions of rows, yet serve data with the low latency required to power real-time applications.

As a global brand, acquiring co-location space in Singapore had taken months, and buying the other equipment required was a large capital investment, and time consuming. As its corporate subscribers shifted marketing to social media, and to mobile, digital advertising
required real-time response times to make relevant offers to consumers.

Working with these data sets required large compute investment, yet the latency requirements meant building in multiple global regions, yet provided little flexibility to optimize architecture and performance and cost.


How to enable a legacy application to scale on demand? And how to enable the entire solution to be repeatably deployed in 30 minutes or less–in any global region? To achieve these goals required deep insight and a disciplined focus on

AWS services enable architects to replace complex systems with simple elastic services, or building blocks. The Auto Scaling solution services include Autoscaling, CloudWatch, and the Elastic Load Balancer, and WebLogic session state rsistence. Bronze Drum deployed Amazon’s RDS Oracle Multi-AZ service, enabling 55 second failover and recovery.To deliver single digit millisecond response times Bronze Drum designed a low latency Amazon Elasticache solution that respond with as low as microsecond latency.


Accelerated Time to Market

Building on AWS enabled rapid provisioning of the application, storage, and high availability technology both in North America, and in other regions.

When systems required testing, rather than wait, or disrupt production, the team was able to simply create a new environment, run the tests, then tear it down. Architecture choices could be tested for cost and performance, and the best option selected. Without this flexibility to experiment, the platform would have taken three to four times as long to build.

Rapid Time to Answer

AWS enables firms of all sizes to leverage Advanced Technologies at a cost that scales. Bronze Drum guided the choice of services, developed proof-of-technologies, and worked with JD Power’s application team to select and use Advanced Technology such as DynamoDB and Redshift, Elasticache to wrangle big data sets, and reduce time to answer to millisecond latency at scale.

Ongoing Cost Savings

Immediate and continuous cost savings resulted from using Amazon S3 storage to store content and raw data sets. Bronze Drum identified and integrated off-the-shelf CMS software to use S3 storage, and created a data pipeline to leverage the broad choice of data stores on AWS.

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