Our team focuses on Cloud Computing for Financial Markets
(and from time to time, the wind and the surf.)

In 2017 Architecture matters. Since 2011 we’ve shaped how Fortune 500 companies like SP Global, Six Financial, JD Power, and others drive new business revenue in the Cloud. We have an incredible story to tell you.

2017 Focus Areas


Cloud Scale Analytics and AI

In 2016 it became clear artificial intelligence is now the killer application in the Cloud. Our workshops are lead by practitioners who have created billions of dollars of wealth.

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Hedge fund infrastructure must change rapidly. As leaders in financial applications and Lambda functions we enable customers to move fast.

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If you’re here, you probably heard about us. We’re different. We’re fast. And we can make you fast too.


Hedge Fund Solutions

How do we acquire and manage Financial Market Data in the Cloud?

  • Data acquisition via APIs
  • Direct Connect and Market Data feeds on AWS
  • Create and buffer custom data streams from “firehose” data feeds
  • How do we ingest and process and aggregate real-time on-premises data streams?
Design and build real-time, event driven solution from diverse sets of customer, public, and subscriber data sets.


We serve financial industry customers, and only focus on Cloud Computing on Amazon Web Services.


We understand encryption, architecture, and hybrid solutions. Our experience in the industry aligns with your culture and high expectations.

Market Data, Derivatives, are comfortable topics for us. Our innovation in this space enables customers to move workloads to AWS, and to use new tools, and services, but also core software and libraries. We’re just getting started with innovations that accelerate Cloud Success for financial firms.
As a born-in-the cloud firm, we can engage and deliver value quickly. It’s simple to hire us and get started.


C++ to Microservices. While much of your code base may be written in C++, did you know it can run on AWS as Serverless Lambda Functions? Learn how we can take a micro services approach to decomposing existing software and enabling parallel execution in the Cloud.

This example runs as an AWS Node.js Lambda function, Python function, or as native C++ code. Our work enables these function to run on any device in any architecture.

Fitted Bond Curve
Swap Valuation
For Monte Carlo simulations that drive much of the pricing of instruments, GPU combined with a scale-out architecture creates an undeniable value processing. Process workloads faster, and then tear-down the cluster.
Cloud-Ready Blueprints for Financial Markets

Agility means automation. A tailored portfolio of your commonly required applications enables your teams to code, deploy, and build with minimal friction.

  • How can I Rapidly build and scale high performance clusters–at 1/10th the cost of on-demand prices?
  • How can I Accelerate time to market through rapid deployment, testing, and auditable processes?
How do I Address critical industry and compliance requirements?
What are my Encryption, data archive, key management options on AWS?
How can we run Containers without investing heavily in infrastructure?
How can I Launch and tear down parallel test environments in the Cloud?
Change and inventory management in the Cloud
  • Discrete Hedging
    run (~18 seconds)

  • Latent Models
  • Test FRA Construction

  • Multi-Dimensional Integrals
  • Repo
  • Swap Valuation