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Capability: Real-time Analytics at Scale.

Unexpected Innovation: Amazon Alexa Voice Trading Skill by Bronze Drum


Streaming Data

Unleash the power of real-time data throughout your organization. Accelerate, amplify, analyze.

Capability: Speed.

We focus exclusively on Amazon Web Services,and capital markets customers like you. We bring experience and brilliant minds to deliver unique outcomes.

Quantitative Finance on AWS

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We work exclusively on AWS and no other Cloud Service Provider. Our deep AWS platform expertise translates into well-architected solutions optimized for security, cost, availability, and rapid-time to market. We build solutions that perform well, and increase the tempo of work within your organization. We reduce friction, automate, and design in such as way as to make your business work better.


Accelerate Success

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To help you get started, and to achieve business results quickly, we've created a set of blueprints from our most popular solutions.

How to build financial markets applications

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Bronze Drum market data solutions



 Bronze Drum Data Spigot™ for Bloomberg Data License®


Brainstorm, and quickly identify transformative, out-of-the-box solutions--and build them for a fixed price.

  • Financial Market Data Severless Data Warehouse!
  • Integrate traditional and serverless applications with financial data.
  • MatLab on AWS! Been there, done that. We have a ready to build solution to enable you to run MatLab on Spot instances and clusters on AWS.
  • Service Catalog of Standard and (frankly) some quite unique Solution Blueprints
  • WebSphere / WebLogic Autoscaling Blueprints

Customer Support and Success

  • Custom workshops and training.
  • Subscription Advisory Service
  • Resident Cloud Architect service.
  • Resident DevOps Professional service.
  • Resident Financial Applications Engineer
Amazon RedShift and RedShift Spectrum = Exabyte Scale Data Warehouse

DownloadBronze Drum Serverless Datalake with RedShift

Amazon Redshift brings Advanced Technology to firms that demand high performance, encryption, and the ability to continuously load and analyze data for high performance and scale. RedShift Spectrum enables you to query not only the high performance cluster data store, but enables a true data lake capability, where data no longer needs to be loaded to be queried.

Our data lake solution delivers both the data ingestion, transformation, and analytics, and insight in ways that highlight the value of AWS RedShift, Glue, QuickSight, and Athena. Our customers drive high performance Deep Learning clusters to amplify the amount of data examined, and to multiply the insights and strategies of their analytics teams.

Accelerator Services for Quant Finance on AWS

  • Blue prints for deep learning clusters, plus the end to end automation to make your data scientists highly productive
  • Severless derivatives pricing functions, apis, and docker images that can run on anything from a small cluster to thousands of nodes, and then shrink down to zero.
  • AWS Lambda functions for pricing derivatives, fixed income.
  • Serverless DataSpigot for Bloomberg Data License.
  • AWS Marketplace our own C9 distribution of Quantlib accompanied with standard and premium technical support for running this Quant library on clusters on AWS.
Solutions and Case Studies