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Architecture Matters

If you are interested in speed, cost savings, and agility, architecture matters more than ever. Working with firms like McGraw-Hill Financial, McGraw-Hill Education, JD Power and Associates, Fidelity Life Associates, Six Financial Information USA, and other movers

means we understand your culture, challenges. When you bridge the gap to Cloud Architecture, your organization can achieve results far beyond cost-savings.

Speed Matters

We bring tools, intellectual property, and the simplicity learned through real-world practice to deliver the results you need, and fast.

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How you hire talent to assist you matters. Partners can bring new techniques, ideas, and opportunities to your business.

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Bronze Drum is an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner

Foundation Services

Zero to Infinity On-boarding Services

  • Executive Level Overview
  • Facilitate on-boarding Amazon Web Services as a new service provide
  • Internal stakeholder compliance requirements
  • Subject Matter Expert lead break-out session
  • Facilitate C-level discussions with industry peer adopters

“Built for Agile” Cloud Foundations

  • Managed Amazon Web Services Accounts
  • Solution Design Review
  • Mentor, Train Associate Level Architects

Mach2: Accelerate into the Learning Curve

Security and High Availability Planning and Solution Design

  • Distributed Denial of Service and AWS Account Soft Limits Assessment
  • Highly Available DNS
  • Administrative Groups
  • AWS Identity and Access Management Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • Pilot Light Disaster Recovery Solution Design
  • Cross-Region Application Failover and Data Replication Solutions
    Security Groups

Solution Design

  • Migration Strategy Design
    BluePrint Catalog
    Subnets, Routing Tables
    NAT Gateway, Virtual Private Gateway, and Bastion Host Solutions
    Regions, Service, Availability Zone Requirements Assessment
    Vulnerability Scanning
    Audit logging
    Virtual Private Cloud Network Traffic Log Configuration and Streaming
    Host Based Intrustion Detection
    Amazon Machine Imagine Hardening
    SSH Key Management Solutions
Low-Cost, Fault Tolerant, High Performance Application–All three now please!

  • Perfect Pitch: Creating Music with AWS Simple Queue Service, Amazon Kinesis, and your Market Data
  • API Design with AWS Lambda Micro Services and Amazon API Gateway
  • Mobile Backend API Gateway Applications
  • Autoscaling Workshops In Which We Debunk Myths About Stateless Applications and the Enterprise
  • Application Development Workshops
    Mentor Team in AutoScaling Applications on WebSphere, Tomcat, WebLogic, JBoss

Fast and Furious Compute for Financial Services

  • C++ Applications and the Intergalactic Web–and no, we’re not kidding
  • Transcompiling Real-time C++ applications and libraries to run as Node.js and Browser application
  • Getting the infrastructure you want. Change is hard, start with the familiar

The Power of Parallel Thinking

  • Leveraging Hadoop, Kinesis, RedShift to do things you always wanted to do, but were afraid to ask



Simple foundations from Cloud-Init and User Data to Blue-Green Deployment Automation

Jenkins Build Server Solution Template
AWS Code Deploy, AWS CodePipeline
Amazon OpsWorks
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS CloudFormation

CloudWatch Monitoring
CloudWatchLogs System Log Instrumentation

Autoscaling and Self-Healing Applications

Queue Based Batch Processing

Real-time data ingestion and processing with Kinesis
AWS SQS and J2ee Applications
Hadoop, Hive
DataPipeline Driven ETL

Data Encryption Strategy and Solution Design
Cloud HSM v AWS Key Management Service Selection
High Availability Relational Database Design
Import Export / Data Replication Solutions
Data Warehouse Migration
Amazon RedShift Solution Design
Amazon RedShift Query and Performance Optimization
NoSQL Database HA
DynamoDB Data Loading and Migration

Hybrid Architecture and Reference Architecture Assessment
Hybrid (data center to AWS) Workflow and Event Driven Application Design
Data analysis
Elastic Load Balancer Configuration
Content Based Routing with CloudFront and S3
Datastore and Content Store selection and evaluation

Fault Tolerant Application Design and Failure Mode Testing

Application and Infrastructure Performance Testing
Application Performance Tuning
Application Latency Tuning with Caching, Read Replicas, HTTP Session State Persistence, Content Distribution and Routing
Web Layer Autoscaling
Application Layer Autoscaling
Data Layer Scaling
Chaos Monkey Failure Simulation Tests for Solution Designs

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